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At some point we may feel like we need a Fresh Start, and here it is! Fresh Start offer juice cleanses and detoxes delivered to your door. We have designed unique cleanse programmes to suit different needs, which take the hard work out of juicing


What's next

We will do all the hard work so that you can enjoy and benefit from the most nutritious and best tasting juices. For our unique juice cleanses, we have created a simple yet effective process, which means you just do the following:

A few days before your cleanse:

Increase your water intake (at least 2 litres a day).

Add warm water with lemon to your morning routine.  Benefits can include weight loss, better digestion, and clearer skin, amongst others.

Remove alcohol, caffeine, dairy and egg products, meat and poultry, fish and seafood, nicotine, processed sugar and wheat. Add fruit, veggies, salads, smoothies and juices.

Please be advised that the information on this website is purely for informational value. We are not medical practitioners and we advise you to consult with your doctor should you have any health concerns prior to committing to a cleanse. We do not recommend engaging in a cleanse if you are pregnant, nursing, or have a major health issue.

During your cleanse:

Drink at least 8 glasses of water per day as needed. Continue with warm water and lemon during your morning routine. You are able to drink as much water and herbal tea as you like during your cleanse; staying hydrated will make your cleanse easier and herbal tea is a great change from cold liquid.

Space juices 3 hours apart. For example a juice schedule would be 8am, 11am, 2pm, 5pm, 8pm, sleep, repeat.  Don’t forget about those glasses of water or herbal tea.

Remember, you are releasing unhealthy toxins while cleansing. Just know that there may be times where you feel a little sluggish and tired. It is not unusual to experience headaches, as this is simply the body's reaction to getting rid of all the toxins. Also, it maybe slight withdrawal if you are a regular drinker of caffeine and also if you were adding sugar to your morning cereal / cup of tea. The headaches should subside after a few days when you are fully detoxed! So listen to your body and try to take naps when you can, go to bed early and so forth.

If time and money allow it, getting a colonic, enema and/or massage can do wonders while cleansing. Doing some yoga, going for a walk, or taking a sauna, steam or hot bath all help in sweating out those toxins. Light exercise is also great for your lungs!  

After your cleanse:

You should phase out of your cleanse the same way you eased into it. SLOWLY add things like fruit, veggies, salads, soups, smoothies etc. back into your diet. Be mindful of foods you start to add back, and do so slowly!