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At some point we may feel like we need a Fresh Start, and here it is! Fresh Start offer juice cleanses and detoxes delivered to your door. We have designed unique cleanse programmes to suit different needs, which take the hard work out of juicing

Our story

FRESH START is the first ever juice cleansing home delivery company in Wales. Eve Armitage founded FRESH START in 2014.

In 2011, Eve graduated with a degree in Fashion Design. After years of studying, many late night takeaways and a coffee addiction Eve felt over worked and exhausted. She decided she needed a cleanse. After experiencing the benefits of a seven day juice cleanse she had never felt better, with unbounded energy, enhanced mental clarity as well as losing the weight gained throughout university. Juicing became a lifestyle.

Eve began her search to find a job in the Fashion industry and over time she realised that this was proving difficult. Still regularly juicing, practicing yoga and working full time, Eve realised juicing would be so much easier if only someone would prepare them for her. Someone to clean the juicer would have been nice too!

Based on her own personal experience and considerable further research into the power of juice she decided to establish FRESH START. Eve felt it was time for her own fresh start so she traded the sewing machine and mannequin for nutritionally rich fruit and vegetable juice. Eve has a passion for health and fitness and is keen to share the knowledge she has gained with as many people as possible.

Since FRESH START's foundation in early 2014 the company has enjoyed exceptional growth. Originally delivering exclusively to the local community and the surrounding areas of Cardiff we have now expanded and our juice cleanses are delivered throughout the UK.

For Eve, juice cleansing is primarily about health, while weight loss, glowing skin, and bright eyes are just some of the side effects she also welcomes. We think you'll be surprised how much you enjoy our cleanses.

Eve Armitage founder of Fresh Start

Eve Armitage founder of Fresh Start