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Spring Time Detox


Spring Time Detox

Eve Armitage


Have you booked your spring detox?

Birds fly south, whales migrate, leaves turn red and fall off trees. Humans simply put on or take off a sweater. But our survival, just like the birds', depends on being connected to nature's cycles — and that includes detoxification cycles.

In the winter as the weather gets cold and dry, nature provides a harvest of nuts, grains, and ingredients for soups and stews. This is a nature-compatible higher protein, higher fat diet. This is why squirrels eat nuts — the nuts act as warming insulators for the long cold winter. This high-protein, high-fat time of year is when we store minerals, vitamins and nutrients as preparation for nature’s new year starting in the spring.

Spring's first line of duty is to detox all of the excess fats and proteins (including holiday food) we stored all winter. It is nature’s weight loss season.


Understanding seasonal changes can do a lot for health and well-being. Our internal clocks influence the way the body functions. Spring is a time for renewal and regen­eration, but that’s not just a metaphor. Winter weather stresses adrenal and thyroid glands, acidifies the blood, generates inflammation, and hinders circulation — add in our holiday indul­gences and inactivity during winter and you can see why spring becomes an ideal season for detoxification.

With the abundance of fresh green produce this time of year, spring and summer are the

best seasons to clean out stagnancy, reduce inflammation, and prepare for more activity. If we don’t take the right steps to support these transitions, chronic inflammation will increase with warm weather, stifling our vital energy, spiking allergies, and hindering long-term health.

We associates summer with the heart, joy, and happiness, and we couldn’t agree more. But to take advantage of these warm months, we need to get rid of anything that’s holding us back. In other words, we need to detoxify.