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At some point we may feel like we need a Fresh Start, and here it is! Fresh Start offer juice cleanses and detoxes delivered to your door. We have designed unique cleanse programmes to suit different needs, which take the hard work out of juicing


How to prepare for and survive a detox

Eve Armitage

There are many health reasons to start juicing, it's a great way to stay healthy and to get all those vitamins and nutrients you need from vegetables and fruits! Raw juice has the natural flavours and all the nutrients from the vegetables and fruits and this alone should be one of your top reasons to start juicing!


Set aside one day on the weekend in which you intend to juice. Replace each meal, breakfast, lunch and dinner, with a raw cold pressed juice. And remember to drink lots of water or fruit teas to keep yourself hydrated in between juices.


Remember that you are supposed to be juicing to detox. To rid your body of waste and negative properties, you need to fully stick to the detox all day, so no caffeine, no dairy (milk) and no snacking in-between juices unless you snack on fruit. It’s only a few days of your life so really focus on healing your body and only putting good things into it.


After a few days of detoxing You will feel AMAZING! With so much energy and giddy with happiness – hard to believe, right? But it’s true, you will feel fantastic inside and out. Your body will feel leaner, skin will feel clearer and you will have abundance of energy, all without a drop of coffee.


Juicing makes you reconsider your notions about health and energy. It's easy to get into the bad habits of turning to caffeine and junk food when you needed an instant pick me up. With juicing you realise that if you simply ate more fruit and vegetables every day, you would already be up – energised and ready to face the day.


Once you discover juicing we would be surprised if you didn't stick with healthy eating. We would recommend increasing the number of fruit and vegetable portions into your daily diet and then every few months, if you feel yourself sinking into an unhealthy slump, rejuvenating yourself by having another detox day to replenish your body of missing nutrients. Try to incorporate juicing into your life and weekly routines.

Juicing is simple, and once you try it you will instantly feel the benefits. Don’t get carried away and juice all day every day – it is important to eat normally the rest of the time and find a healthy balance between eating carbohydrates, proteins and yes, even fats. However, every now and then you might want to return to juicing as a way to replenish your body and soul of missing nutrients. Juicing is simply an easy to way to eat more fruits and vegetables and increase your intake of vitamins, whilst taking a break from bad habits and junk food. It just so happens to have the same effect as drinking yourself skinny. So there you have it, the 7 secrets to detox juicing. When will you give juicing a try?