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Mixed berry chia jam recipe.

Eve Armitage

Put away your canning equipment and bags of sugar my friends. There's a new jam in town this summer, and its name is chia. Yes, using the gelling power of these tiny little seeds we can transform a few cups of ripe fruit into a low-sugar, spreadable, spoonable jam in about 20 minutes. Here is what to do!

When making fruit jam with chia seeds, the seeds do all the work. Instead of cooking fruit down, relying on pectin, and adding sugar to help it set, like traditional jam, all we need to do is mash up some fruit and stir in a few tablespoons of chia seeds. Within a few minutes, the chia seeds will absorb the fruit juices and thicken it to a jammy consistency.

Mixed berry chia jam recipe.


200g of berries
4 tsb chia seeds
1 tsp agave (add more if you like it sweet)
1tsb Vanilla extract

Chia jam is a bit looser and more sauce-like than the kind of traditional, fully-cooked jam you buy at the store or make yourself when canning. It gets a bit thicker after some time in the fridge, but will never thicken to quite the same sturdy, sticky consistency of regular jam. But you can still spread it on toast, spoon it over yogurt, or stir it into porridge, just like usual!

Chia jam is, or at least can be, much less sweet than regular jam. Since we're not relying on sugar to help set the jam, we can add as much or as little sweetener as we want. Honey, agave, maple syrup can also all be used.